Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy New Year

New Year and a new job - what a combination!

Before going any further, I would sincerely wish all my visitors and their families the best of all years and that all good things you deserve are delivered.

As for me, I see that I have been a little tardy in my posts over recent weeks, much of that due to the rapidly changing and uncertainties that preceded Christmas and that the fact that I didn't have much energy for anything else. I did, however, try to keep up with the blogs I normally visit, and keep myself up to date with what is going on.

My resolution is to attempt to up my posts - hopefully with something interesting, novel, quirky and humourous.

With the good news that I had a new job to go to in the New Year, meant that Christmas was a more relaxed affair that it was previously shaping up to be. For obvious reasons, Father Christmas had to be a little mean this year, though the girls did get an ipod nano in the sack - so all was not lost!

Christine was working Christmas Day and Boxing Day, which meant our Christmas dinner was on the Thursday. An excellent quality leg of pork, roasted with cox's orange pippin apples and rosemary and black pepper marinade. I've finally cracked the secret to good crackling, and this didn't disappoint. The roast potatoes were cooked with fresh rosemary and garlic and the gravy was made from the juices from the meat supplemented with a strong Somerset cider. The veg, of course, consisted of carrots and sprouts. Didn't do much with them - maybe next year! We finished off the meal with a traditional Christmas pudding. Unlike last year, this was shop bought - but a good one none the less, and Christine and Bethen had a good go at burning the house down with the brandy!

New Year was celebrated with friends, though we did have to leave a little early as Christine was on duty on New Year's day at 7:30 in the morning! She stayed relatively sober - I didn't!

Finally, on January 3rd, I started my new job. Always an odd feeling starting at a new place. Lots of nerves and anxiety. Hoping that I can live up to the promises made in the interview. Also hoping that the first impression is a good one, and that I do nothing that leaves a lasting negative impression. Well I think I managed to do that OK. Lots to learn and take on board. New systems and procedures and, of course, lots of new faces to get to know. Once I get my feet under the table, I think I'm going to enjoy this job.

The only thing to make it perfect for me will be a Suzuki Bandit 1200 - but if not, a 650 will do instead, and I'm hoping the redundancy cheque, when it comes through, will sort out that wish.