Sunday, July 31, 2005

Lazy Sunday

Having a quiet day today. Good coffee and the Sunday Papers, Van Morrison on the Hi-Fi and the kids out playing somewhere. Sometimes life gets it right.

Uploaded a few more pics onto Flickr including a set that Bethen took. Some quite nice ones. Bethen took some lovely pictures of Mum's 81st birthday bash at the Kirkless Hall. She's got a good eye for a photo and everyone looks as if they are having a good time.

I'll have to have a chat with Christine as I want to get a Pro account on the site so that I can get full use of it. It is a bit frustrating only being able to create 3 sets.

Anyway, I've joined the Beer and the Pubs groups on the site, so I'm going to have to get a few pictures of beer and pubs to add to the site.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Migrating Frogs and Moving Home

The frogs are back at Hindley Station. It really is an amazing sight to see. Hundreds of baby frogs hopping along the track towards Manchester. Where have they come from? Where are they going? It happens every year and I really ought to find out.

Attempted a bike ride today, but we didn't get very far. The weather closed in and we retreated to Wigan Pier for a drink before cycling up to the Kirkless Hall. Apart for the roads, we did the hill without stopping which at times was quite hard.

Kim and Derren are moving to Pontefract today. I feel a bit guilty as I am unable to help because of my arm. I can't lift, and I don't trust it. I am seeing the Physio next week, so we might get a better understanding of what is wrong.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Christine's New Job

Well, Christine got the job at the hospital, which she feels will suit her more than her present one. I hope it works out and she is happy there.

Otherwise, same old stuff. Massive tornado in Birmingham ripped the heart out of people's houses. How do people cope? I don't know, and I hope I never have to try. I just hope they all had insurance, and can restart their lives.

Still haven't heard asnything from JD Williams. Not sure if thats a good thing or not. At least they haven't said no yet!

Weekend tomorrow and the kids are back from the Grandparents. Christine is working half a day so we'll have to see how the weather is and try and get a bike ride in. I fancy looking at the Leigh branch and come home by train from somewhere close to Manchester.

Iain and Marion are flying out to Texas this weekend for Meg's wedding. All our love and best wishes go with them in the hope that they have a good day and a happy life together. I look forward to when they are coming over to England.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Life Rolls On

It was back to work after the day off. Still felt tired and not really up for it. However, I always seem to pick up once I'm there. Christine had an interview for another job in the kitchens of a local hospital. She seems to think the interview went well, and she seems to be positive about the place. If she gets the job, I hope she enjoys it.

Meanwhile, the day was busy with a new campaign having dropped and mail in on the up. As usual, the Customer Service department is the one that has to pick up the slack.

I still havn't heard back from JD Williams, though I do hope I get an interview.

I am really looking forward to the weekend and I intend to do a bike ride. By Saturday it will have been 3 weeks. Perhaps that is the reason I feel so tired!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Where did the day go?

Yesterday was a day spent in quiet contemplation! This means that I put some music on, put my feet up and went to sleep. I had the day off in lieu of working Saturday. Did go to the shops to pick up some beer and veg. Made a great Lancashire Hotpot - tasted superb even though I say so myself.

Not a lot more happened. Disposed of the Blackbird and generally had a lazy day.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Death on the Patio

Yesterday, tradgedy struck to our resident Blackbirds. A major fight took place between our pair who have lived in out garden for the past few years and a new Blackbird who clearly wants the territory. Unfortunately, the female somehow got very seriously injured and ended up on our patio with a very seriously broken leg and quite clearly very shocked. There was very little I could do, and the children were quite concerned. I felt the best I could do was to remove the bird and place it somewhere in the garden where it was comfortable and allow nature to take its course. I didn't have the courage to kill it. I placed it in the long grass at the bottom of the garden where it could stay in the place it clearly knew and I hope loved. On checking later, the bird had died.

I know its silly to get too emotional about nature, but all the birds that vist my garden add quality to my life and we all treasure and in a small way, the Blackbirds had become friends. Hopefully, we can welcome and start to feel the same way about the new birds - even though they arrived with bloodshed!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Reflections on the weekend and cricket

After a weekend of work, BBQ, Beer and rest, it is back to work today. England cricketers haven't half been conned by the Ausies! What a loss. We need to learn how to hold a bat and stay at the crease. I know for someone like me its easier said than done, but the longer someone stays, the tireder the bowlers get, the more chance we will have to score runs.

Sunday I spent uploading some pictures to Flickr. I also contacted a couple of people who use the site and who had been kind enough to comment on my pictures. I've come across someone, who calls herself "Swan of Kennet" who grew up to the age of 11 in Greasby - the internet is indeed a small world! Someone else called Moon Rhythm from Maryland, USA commented on the pictures, and in particular about the girls. I thought this was nice.

I also attempted to get something useful on the web site. Still looks and feels useless, but I'm determined to get it looking good.

After working Saturday, I have the day off tomorrow which will give time to do something! The girls have gone across to the Wirral for the week, so if the weather's good, I might get on the bike for a while, otherwise I might just go to sleep!

I still don't know how this blog will turn out. Maybe I just need to keep at it and it might turn into something. Presently, I'm not using it for anything too clever - more a diary and repository of thought.

Sunday, July 24, 2005


Got home from work yesterday and the BBQ was in full flight. A cold beer waiting in the fridge and home made burgers sizzling on the griddle. The clouds cleared and it became a lovely summer's evening. Kim & Derren came round - looking much the worse for wear. They are moving over to Pontefract in Yorkshire this week, so the get-together was tinged a little in sadness with their leaving. I'm more concerned about them moving to Yorkshire. As a true Lancastrian, its something I find hard to understand and I just hope they will be OK in this foreign land.

Got through a few beers yesterday so I'm feeling a bit washed out, but not hungover as it was good quality beer.

Lawn needs cutting, house needs tidying - too knackered!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

The weekend is here!

It's Saturday! It's the Weekend - and I'm in work. Great.

Friends and relations are coming over for a night of burnt food and lots of beer. We are having a BBQ, and of course the clouds are gathering to chuck down God know what! I suppose having got out of the preparation, I'll be on washing up duty!

I've not been on a decent bike ride for over 2 weeks and I'm starting to feel it. I think I'm becoming a cycle junkie, or maybe there is some truth to the adrenaline addiction theory, anyway, I'm missing getting out and about. I'm pretty sure the pubs are missing me too!

Work is very quiet, few phonecalls and everything just about up-to-date. Why am I here!

Anyway, one more hour before I go home.

Friday, July 22, 2005

New London Bombings

Another set of bombs go off in London. After 7/7, I'm beginning to wonder what it must be like to be a London Bus or Tube Driver.

What is it that makes people do this? Why can't people recognise evil when they see it? The bombers who murdered so many on July 7th, how had they been sucked in? At any time, they could have called it off. They could have stopped. Gone to a Police station or something, or am I just being naive.

What sort of world are my children going to grow up in? We try so hard to show them the power of love, but they are under constant attack from the sights and sounds of evil.

Something good has to come from this!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Tavistock Square 7th July 2005

6[1], originally uploaded by terminal orbit.

What will this acheive?