Monday, June 05, 2006

Do We Never Learn

A London Assembly inquiry into the London bombings in July 2005 has found the in the initial moments, lack of communication and overall organisation very rapidly became a major problem when coping with the atrocities. They also found emergency first-aid points set up for just such an incident were empty of equipment, and people were having to go to local chemists and pharmacies to get bandages and plasters and antiseptics etc.

Eighteen years ago, a major fire took place at King's Cross underground where exactly the same circumstances were found. Reports then, stated that the number one priority was to ensure the ability of agencies to talk to each other both above ground and below, and, critically, between those at the surface and those down below.

They had 18 years to get it installed, tested and working properly, - why didn't they? I bet it had something to do with money!

It is important to state, that those who were first down and attended the injured, performed heroically, and used good imagination and thought to provide the best level of care they could give, given the circumstances, but they could have had much better back-up, resource and direction had the lessons of King's Cross been learnt and implemented.

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jane said...

It's a shame necessary precautions weren't upheld. Hopefully, there were no lives lost as a result of this & this information will be heeded.