Monday, October 09, 2006

Thank Goodness For Guantanamo Bay

Thank you, America. George Bush, you are a saint. I take it all back.

John Negroponte, George Bush's Director of National Intelligence, has said that the 'High-Value Terrorist Detainee Program' has saved Britain from at least 2 major terrorist attacks since 2002.

What really amazes me was the forward planning of these terrorist groups. One thwarted plot was an attack in 2003 on Heathrow Airport and the other, in 2004, a series of co-ordinated urban attacks. The detail of all this was known to the terrorists from before their kidnapping(sorry, - capture) in 2002.

Of course, groups like Amnesty International reacted angrily to the claims, saying it ignored allegations that detainees had been placed in stress positions, subjected to sleep deprivation and submitted to 'water-boarding' - partial drowning. Who cares about a little bit of discomfort for a clearly 'bad' person, as long as I'm OK, the oil keeps flowing and lots of people are making a healthy profit out the 'war on terror'.

Of course, also, I believe everything that the White House says, and there is a tooth fairy!


Lawrence said...

No Christmas presents for you either. Santa Claus is watching (he really is an operative of the CIA).

Unfortunatly, many Americans believe every word that comes out of his mouth.

Mark said...

I was starting to suspect!

sandegaye said...

no tooth fairy ?? /