Monday, March 19, 2007

What A Difference A Week Makes!

It's taken 2 days to find the strength to write this!

Saturday evening I sat down to watch England play Wales at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff in the firm expectation of watching a renewed England side consolidate the march back to the top of world rugby. We were playing a Welsh side that had even lost to Italy! From last week's well constructed win against France, this match should have been a breeze.

Well it would have been if the forwards had bothered to turn up! Last week, they were magnificent, and stopped the French from playing while giving the England backs time to make their moves, but this time? They were all over the place. Hitting mauls and ruck in ones and twos, providing the slowest of balls giving Wales time to prepare their defence. The England back line was under constant pressure, and as a result, mistakes were made that Wales capitalised on. When Mike Catt had to leave the field injured, it left England with the youngest and most inexperienced set of backs we've had for a long time, and would have looked to the forwards to give them some protection and time to play. The problem was, that the forwards seemed to be playing as if they had never met each other before!

It was so depressing!

As a matter of record, France won the 6 Nations Championship by scoring a try in the last seconds of their match against Scotland. That gave them a marginally better points difference to Ireland, who up until that moment, thought they were champions.

Ah well. Next stop the World Cup where no doubt we will probably go out to the American Eagles if we carry on playing the way we are playing at the moment!


Val Travers said...

You should have gone to London Irish v Wasps instead like me. Not far from you in Reading. Talk about exciting!!

Mark said...

Reading? I don't live in Reading. I'm a Northern man and Sale's my Premier League club (which means I'm still depressed!)

Used to play for Birkenhead Park and Liverpool / St Helen's and now follow Aspull RFC as my local team - so I'm triple depressed!

Thanks for stopping by

Eddie said...

Hi Mark,
As Andy Farrell had been dropped for this game, who did Mssrs Guscott, Healey and Carling have to blame this time?