Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Change Of Government

This week has seen a change of government in the UK. A new Prime Minister, a new Cabinet and, we are informed, a new direction. This has come about without anyone casting a vote or meaningfully voicing an opinion. No! One person resigns and another takes his place without the mess of an election.

Not sure how I feel about this. As a democrat, I have always believed that the people should have a say in who governs us. However, a change of Prime Minister between an election, seems to be an increasingly common aspect of British politics. Harold McMillan and Lord Home in the 1963 at the height of the Profumo affair; Harold Wilson and James Callghan in 1976; Margret Thatcher and John Major in 1990 and now Tony Blair and Gordon Brown in 2007. What is interesting is that, John Major apart, the transition led to the party of power losing the next election - John Major survived only because the Labour party under Neil Kinnock imploded on the eve of the election.

I do have a lot of time for Gordon Brown. I feel he is principled and focused. I hope he can stand tall and true on the world stage and provide a riposte to the criminal activities presently being formulated in the White House. He seems to be surrounding himself with talent rather than 'Brown's Cronies' and, even in these early days, he is looking to place his own stamp on the office. I wish him well.

When I've had time to reflect, I'll write something about Tony Blair. He wasn't all bad, and Iraq should not be the only measure for his Prime Ministership.


Jen said...

What did you think of the movie "The Queen" with Helen Mirren and Michael Sheen? I just saw it last week and loved it. I wonder how true to life it was. I always liked Tony Blair.

Now this new guy - Brown - he sure has quite the challenge thrust upon him his first week on the job. Plus, he'll have a new US president to deal with - he's got his work cut out for him!

James said...

The change-over business doesn't bother me at all. That's how Parliament works; the leader of the party in majority gets to be PM. Parties are allowed to change leader mid-term. The was an election for Labour's new leader, but only one candidate.

I think Blair's government did a lot of good things, from the minimum wage to the ban on smoking in public places. And Tony Blair continued the process started by John Smith to make Labour attractive at the polls.

Mark said...

Hi James,

I agree with you. The problem has been that Iraq has overshadowed his premiership to the point that a lot of the good things have been forgotton. Cosovo and the Balkans, Northern Ireland to mention just a couple.

What is important for me is that we don't allow the Con - servatives back in to ruin all the good work that has been done.

Chris said...

Hi Mark! Good Discussion going on here mate! I Personally cant wait to see a governing body that gives a toss! There is probably going to be more Chaos caused by an Afganistan shake up and "Tony!" is out of the pending flack! maybe they are only allowed One war per term? Anyway Keep it up Great Site... Chris
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