Sunday, July 08, 2007

Like A Virgin

Like A Virgin
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Moving on up the bike size. I'm about to have my first ride on a 500cc motorbike. It was absolutely fabulous. At one point I was feeling so great I let it all out in one great expletive filled scream - good job no-one could hear me!

Why didn't I do this sooner?


Jen said...

Are you renting these bikes? I was thinking you bought one. Either way - good for you! My mom and dad had a Honda 550CC when I was in high school. They would take off - just the two of them - for leisurely rides through the mountains. I think it rejuvenated them - they look back on that time of their lives with great pleasure.

Go for it!

Mark said...

In the UK you can only ride a 125cc machine without an instructor. To ride a bigger bike - important if you want a full motorbike license - you have to go to a bike training school where they will have the bike to practice and learn on. My bike is the little thing in the background

sandegaye said...

They scare me witless, but I'm happy to see you happy..