Wednesday, September 05, 2007

This Is Happening Here!

This sign, erected in a small town in America, is a heartfelt response to the destruction of local culture by big business and globalisation.

Every Pound spent in our big supermarkets, is a coffin nail in local markets selling local goods at a fair price.

In Wigan, the town's market is a shadow of it's former self, having been effectively strangled by the competition of the 'Big Four'. How long before it is closed for good!

As shoppers, we have the power to change that, it just requires will and effort - and if you think I'm preaching, then be aware, I am just as much to blame as anyone else, for being seduced by the cheapness and easy shopping, big supermarkets bring.

1 comment:

sandegaye said...

That sign could be put up in everytown, USA. The big box stores have glutted the countrysides..
Very sad..