Friday, June 27, 2008

Enough Of This Nonsense!

It has been some time since I last visited my blog, and what a sorry state the subject of that last post was - not that it wasn't true, but I have moved on a bit since then.

Self-perception is a strange beast, and depression is not something I thought I would ever suffer from. I've always been able to rise from the ashes, so to speak, whenever I've stumbled or had a knock back. But this has been a real humdinger, and it hasn't helped that I developed a chest infection that has left me with what the doctors say is post-viral asthma.

I can't say I'm feeling great or even close to my old self, but I am starting to see that light at the end of the tunnel in the distance. I'm seeing someone at the clinic who may yet be able to help, but I'm too sure at the moment as her approach seems very "clinical", but the fact that I've managed to "carry on" and keep going seems to be having the most benefit.

What I'm looking forward to is less self-examination and more of the old fire that allowed me to have a go at anyone who gets my goat. The problem has been that no-one - not even Bush or Brown, - has managed to do this for me - and I need to be ready as there is another US Election on the way to get my teeth into.

This weekend, I intend to get my boots on and start walking again - something I haven't done properly for some time, except for the 15-mile Wirral Coastal Walk back in May. Maybe some exercise with help to lift the spirits. Moreover, there are some good pubs that are missing me!

P.S. Couldn't find a picture to go with this post, hence no colour


Jay said...

Very good to see you again, so to speak. I missed you Mark.

sandegaye said...

Yee-haw!!! I smell a democrat in the white house!!
Life as we know it may still be saved..

Jen said...

So glad you're back! And yes, some pub crawls would be good for you, I think.

Jen said...

What's new on your side of the pond?

BOB said...

Mark and Christine
You need a good night out at the Kirk. See you there Saturday night 18th JUly 2008.
Kind regards

Bob & Jill Jolly

Jen said...

Oh my - your personal pub invitation from the former owners! Where are the pictures? What's new?