Thursday, July 20, 2006

School Holiday Activities

Looking for something to occupy your children. It would seem that parents in the Middle-East might have the answer. See the happy expressions on these Shiite children as they sign their names on rockets that will shortly be blasted off to kill and maim Isreali children. Look how proud their mother looks in the background as she takes pictures of her children enjoying themselves.

It certainly keeps them out of trouble!

Or maybe they are Isreali children writing a message to their counter-parts in Lebenon.

Whether Isreali or Hezzballah, these pictures are sick.

Is it me, or has the world finally gone mad!


Jay said...

I'm not sure which is more disturbing...the children, or their doting mothers looking on with smiling approval.

Lessee...this is all in the name of religion, right?

and some people wonder why I'm an atheist

sandegaye said...

I agree, the smiles of the mothers are the most damning..

jane said...

I don't think it's Israeli kids or Lebanese kids, they're writing in English.

Mark said...

The tank in the background carries Isreali markings! English is a fairly common language in that part of the world. But where-ever it is, it is sick!

Jen said...

The missile in the front on the last picture states in English: "From Israel and Daniele."

Yes, I think the world has gone mad. These pictures make me sick.