Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Summer Sunday

Today has been a truly lovely day. The weather perfect. A great opportunity to chill out and relax.

The day kicked off with the annual charity bike ride between Manchester and Blackpool, a ride of 58 miles in aid of Christie's Cancer Hospital in Manchester. Most of the people cycling past looked pretty happy, but the day was still young, and it was going to get decidedly hotter. I wish them all well, and hopefully achieve their objective - Blackpool Tower. I intend to join them next year. There is further information on the Bike Events web site. There is another ride in September, - the Manchester 100. You can choose either 100 miles or 100 kilometers. I know which one I'm going to choose (I think kilometers is a great way to measure distance!)!

After we waved most of them by at the end of our road, Christine took the girls walking to drop Bethen off at her friends for a sleep-over. I decided to check out my newly serviced and updated bike (new saddle [about time], new panniers and new extension to the handle-bars) and so took it for a quick spin along the tow-path. It was amazing. I managed speeds I've never done before on this bike. Everything felt tight and slick - a real joy to ride. Afterwards, we all met up, - minus Bethen, at the Kirkless Hall pub for lunch, and spent the afternoon watching canal boats going through the locks.

A classic, perfect English summer's day.


Jen said...

Hello, Mark - Just wanted to let you know that I reinvented my blog. I'm over here now:

Cheers! Jen

sandegaye said...

I loved the filsms you made of the cycling event. The riders were all so congenial! Happily peddling to the pub??

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work