Friday, August 04, 2006

I'm On Holiday!

As of today, I am officially 'on holiday'!

Some would say that is a pretty permanent situation as far as I'm concerned, but don't listen that sniping. At work, just like a swan, I may look calm, quiet and perhaps not doing very much, but there is a lot going on underneath!

My Bike

For two weeks I escape the boss, the customers, the hassle of systems that don't work, other departments that don't work and colleagues that don't work! For two weeks my emails can pile up. For two weeks the whinging and whining of my staff will be someone else's problem. For two weeks I don't care. For two weeks, I don't have to catch the same crowded, smelly train to work staring at the same bored looking group of commuters. (The last is not quite true as my train's regulars are a bit of a jolly bunch and most of us do chat to pass the time.)

That Pint Hit The Right Spot

What am I going to do with this golden opportunity - nothing, as far as possible. Some bike rides, some walking, a trip down to London to see my sister and some work of my own on the computer.

The only downside to all this is that it's only for two weeks!


sandegaye said...

Sounds like a wonderful time will be had by all!
Be sure & take lots of pics, so we can share the good times..

Jen said...

Terrific! Have a wonderful "holiday!"

Jen said...

Just popped by to say "hi" - miss hearing from you.