Monday, August 21, 2006

It Didn't Last Long

Today is my first day back after my holiday! Where did the time go? Did I acheive what I wanted to do with my time off?

I've come back to over 400 emails in my inbox - 95% of which I've immediately deleted. Lots of new things happening, while at the same time, no real change. It's great to be back!!

Mind you, I did have a pretty good time while being off. A number of good long bike rides and a trip to London to see my sister. I've even made a start on getting my vinyl LP's down to the PC and onto CD. Some of these records head back to a misty late adolescence when a whole new 'adult' world was starting to open up.

My only question is; - why is it that time at work drags, while my time on holiday has just flown by? Is God having a joke? I feel so depressed.


sandegaye said...

Welcome back to the workaday world. Hang in there.. holidays have a way of reoccuring!

Barb said...

I wish I still had my LPs. Good luck with all that transferring!

Great self-portrait, btw. :P

Welcome home. :)