Saturday, September 30, 2006

Please Read This

In follow up from my previous post, I implore all to read this post. Many of the comments are worthy of reading as well.


Eddie said...

Very moving,
It's also a powerful reminder that not all Americans support Bush and the far-right.
I would urge people to read, "Dude, Where's my Country?" by Michael Moore.

Val Badger said...

Hi Mark
I hope things will swing to the centre again and the Republicans get chucked out.
I'm reading 'The Traveller' by John Twelve Hawks (again) it's fiction but it's a disturbingly prophetic view of how society seems to be going - ID, CCTV etc there not to protect us but to allow a totalitarian state.
Hope Michael Moore isn't the next one to be branded a dangerous subversive, locked up and tortured!

Anonymous said...

We have turned a corner in my country that many thought would never happen...and many still don't even realize. Habeas corpus, that foundation of individual liberty borrowed from the tradition of law in your country, no longer is a part of ours.

Over two centuries of fierce determination and sacrifice to build a society devoted to the sacred idea of liberty and freedom died with a shrug from this generation.

I am ashamed.

sandegaye said...

I agree Jay.. there is a dark sense of shame in being from this country now.
We gave it all away w/o even a wince.

Lawrence said...

I rnat to my friends and co-workers how our Congress, our elected Congress is shifting power from themselves to the potentate, King George W. How dare they? How dare they say it is okay to torture anyone? How dare they give him the authorization to stoop to the level of our enemies?

Mark, go ahead and say it all because you are right. We have allowed our country to be taken over by an elite class.

I've grumbled before that we have to take back the country for ourselves the citizens.