Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Rage Continues

Further to my post of yesterday, I came across Keith Olbermann's blog, - Bloggerman. His latest post was a far more eloquent critique of what the Bush cabal are doing than I could ever achieve. The post in question can be found here and I feel is well worth reading.

The article finished with the question:- "Have you no decency, sir?".... Well we all know the answer to that, Keith... George, Karl, Dick, Don, and the rest of the gang have proven time and again that they have no discernible sense of decency, no morals, no honesty, and no real concern for either the United States, its people or anyone else!


sandegaye said...

If they had decency, they'd resign like your MP's.. wouldn't that be grand?!

Barb said...

You know, I loved Keith Olbermann years ago when he was on ESPN. I usually have nothing to offer in terms of political posts, and that hasn't changed. :P So, I'm tagging you because Jane tagged me with this meme. :D