Thursday, April 05, 2007

Wishing For A Peaceful Easter

From tomorrow, I start a 2 week holiday. A chance to recharge the batteries and get some much needed rest.

The second week will be taken up with a family holiday in Spain, but I will no doubt blog about that sometime next week.

But next week, if the weather stays as it is, will see an abundance of bike rides and walks. This weekend, I'm hoping to cycle from Lancashire over the Pennines to Yorkshire following a route Jayne and I attempted last year along the Huddersfield canal. Last time, we retreated when we reached the hills, but this year we are stronger and fitter, so we should be able to manage it this time.

Monday, as Christine is off, we're hoping to do a long walk as part of our training for the Wirral Coastal walk in May. Not quite sure where we will be going, but there will be plenty of good pubs to choose from on the way.

The rest of the week, the girls are at a Rugby League Easter, camp run by Wigan Rugby League club, learning how to play the game, though I would dearly love them to play the proper game - Rugby Union.

Friday will be a day of preparation and next Saturday we will be "off to sunny Spain"!
Wishing you all a peaceful and happy Easter - and watch the chocolate intake!


sandegaye said...

Hey, I want YOUR life!
I have fond memories of a week in Spain on the costa del sol. I know you'll have a ball..

Jen said...

I expect to see the Red Sox hats on vacation in Spain! LOL! Have a wonderful 2 weeks off. Happy Easter to you, Christine and the girls.