Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Walk Of Hope

This Sunday, the family and I are going to walk the Wirral Coastal path - 15 mile ramble from Seacombe Ferry on the River Mersey round to the Wirral Country Park at Thurstaston on the River Dee.

Although there is no real compulsion to raise money, I thought it was a good opportunity to be sponsored for a charity, so we will be walking on behalf of Cancer Research UK.

When it came to selecting a charity, I found it very difficult to choose - there are just too many good causes to fund, but better one than none. Having known people who have suffered and succumbed, or have been treated and are in remission, I felt this was the one to go for.

Do click on the picture to get a better view of the route. We are starting around 10:00am and hope to complete the walk by 3:00pm including a stop off for lunch at some stage.

Some of the people I will be walking for are:

Ruth - Grandmother
Frank - Cousin
John - Cousin
Peter - Friend
John - Friend
Elizabeth - Cousin
Richard - Friend and fellow mountain walker when we were young
Grace - Colleague's 4 year-old daughter
Peter - Ex-colleague and friend
Jen's Mum

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but all these people will be metaphorically walking with me on Sunday, and I hope they enjoy it as much as we will (there are quite a few pubs on the route that will sustain us)!

If there is anyone else that you think might enjoy the walk, please add their name into the comments.


sandegaye said...

Are you taking pledges? I'd love to add my bro-in-law Don to your list. He is a cancer surviaor for the past 6 yrs. Let me know where to send the funds!

Jen said...

Thank you, my friend!

Mark said...

Hi Sande, Not sure how to transfer funds or that sort of thing, but Don will certainly be coming along on the walk. As usual, there will be pictures.

Jen, it is my pleasure.

Jen said...

Hi, Mark - I know you're not a baseball fan but just FYI - the Red Sox are ROCKIN' IT this year. We have the best record in baseball and are 10 games ahead of the dreaded Yankees. Wear those hats with pride this year!

PS. I probably just jinxed us...