Monday, May 21, 2007

Well, We Made It

Bodies gently aching - well actually screaming in pain, we finished the fifteen miles of the Wirral Coastal Walk!

In truth, it was a great day out. First off, the weather forecast all week had been promising showers, cloud with occasional sunshine, and what we actually got was a day of near uninterrupted sunshine. A light sea breeze meant that it didn't get too hot, and the walking was pretty easy.

Having met up with a friend at the start, we set up a reasonable pace which meant that we completed the walk in six hours. The organisers had done an amazing job of ensuring that everything was ready and were really pleasant and helpful.

I was particularly impressed and proud of the girls who made it all the way round, and only really complained towards the end - and who could blame them, but they soon perked up when we reached the end, and they got their form stamped.

We managed to raise about £200 for Cancer Research - not a great amount in the general scheme of thing, but a worthwhile contribution non-the-less. I'll be more organised next year!

There is a set of pictures here, and, Jen, as you can see the Red Sox caps are very much in evidence.


sandegaye said...

I'm so proud of you all..
Great pics, good times, & a healthier body. Way to go!

Jen said...

Loved the pictures! Thanks for wearing the caps, for walking with my mom in mind and for raising money to fund cancer research. I'm proud of you all, too!