Saturday, October 06, 2007

We Were Supposed To Lose

Australia 10 - 12 England

What the hell happened? Where was the runaway Australia victory? Where was the revenge for what happened four years ago when a Johnny Wilkinson drop-goal destroyed the hopes, dreams and self-image of a nation?

England had been given no chance in this quarter-final match. If one believed the newspaper reports, all Australia had to do was to turn up and victory was assured. No-one gave England a chance, including this writer - except the 30 players from whom the team would be picked.

They were magnificent, bold, courageous and determined. Defense was resolute, and with the kicking of a resurgent Johnny Wilkinson, slowly, but surely, we kept pace with the Australian score, before taking the lead with about 30 minutes (or a life-time) to go!

Here is the Observer's report, the Sunday Times report, The Sunday Independent report - I could go on, but reading those, you get the drift. It was magnificent, and I still can't quite believe it.

But that wasn't the end to the surprises, France beat the mighty, and firm favourites, New Zealand by 20 points to 18 which will mean an England/France semi-final next weekend. It should be a great one and I can't wait.


Eddie said...

Congatulations to England for beating the Aussies!
However, as a League fan I feel a little uneasy that a side can win by kicking 4 penalty goals whilst their opponents actually score a converted try.
However, having said that, if they'd been playing League it would have been 8-8 at the end of 80 minutes!

Mark said...

It all comes down to discipline. Unlike the stop/go/stop game, Union is a continous game where players have to keep thinking and concentrating. If they don't, they give away penalties and scrums - both of which, England are supreme!

Therefore, in Rugby (the real game) penalties a re a perfectly legitimate method of point scoring.

Mind you, there is no finer sight than an Australian in tears having just lost a game to England, no matter what the sport or team. It warms the very cockles of my heart.

Jen said...

I know nothing about it but I'm sure glad your team won!