Sunday, October 14, 2007

We're In The Final!

Not bad for a bunch of losers!

England rugby team, 80/1 outsiders just 6 weeks ago, have an opportunity to defend the trophy in the final of the Rugby World Cup. After a tense, and at time, pretty ugly match, they prevailed against the hosts and, after last week's win against New Zealand, favourites - France.

From the moment England were the grateful recipients of a big slice of luck, and hesitancy in the French defense to score a try in 80 seconds, to the Johnny Wilkinson (who else) drop goal in the dying moments that finally broke French hearts, England battled and defended to the point of insanity.

England's defensive line is totally unrecognisable to the team that went down by over 30 points to South Africa just 4 short weeks ago. What England lacked in endeavour and opportunity, it made up with heart, soul, guts and sheer bloody mindness.

The players left the Parc de France as heroes and now have the opportunity to be the first team to successfully defend the World Cup trophy in the history of the competition.

Roll on next Saturday - can't wait.

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Jen said...

YAY for you guys!