Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Death on the Patio

Yesterday, tradgedy struck to our resident Blackbirds. A major fight took place between our pair who have lived in out garden for the past few years and a new Blackbird who clearly wants the territory. Unfortunately, the female somehow got very seriously injured and ended up on our patio with a very seriously broken leg and quite clearly very shocked. There was very little I could do, and the children were quite concerned. I felt the best I could do was to remove the bird and place it somewhere in the garden where it was comfortable and allow nature to take its course. I didn't have the courage to kill it. I placed it in the long grass at the bottom of the garden where it could stay in the place it clearly knew and I hope loved. On checking later, the bird had died.

I know its silly to get too emotional about nature, but all the birds that vist my garden add quality to my life and we all treasure and in a small way, the Blackbirds had become friends. Hopefully, we can welcome and start to feel the same way about the new birds - even though they arrived with bloodshed!


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