Sunday, July 31, 2005

Lazy Sunday

Having a quiet day today. Good coffee and the Sunday Papers, Van Morrison on the Hi-Fi and the kids out playing somewhere. Sometimes life gets it right.

Uploaded a few more pics onto Flickr including a set that Bethen took. Some quite nice ones. Bethen took some lovely pictures of Mum's 81st birthday bash at the Kirkless Hall. She's got a good eye for a photo and everyone looks as if they are having a good time.

I'll have to have a chat with Christine as I want to get a Pro account on the site so that I can get full use of it. It is a bit frustrating only being able to create 3 sets.

Anyway, I've joined the Beer and the Pubs groups on the site, so I'm going to have to get a few pictures of beer and pubs to add to the site.

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sandegaye said...

Hi Mark! Thanks for stopping by my blog..

Your blog is lovely.. & your family sounds superb. I swear England HAS to be so much better than the U.S. these days!
I'm embarrassed to even be here. But, here we sit in SW Florida, trying to sell the house so we can move to SE Tennessee. Hubby, me & 4 cats that run the joint.

Have a great Sunday afternoon..