Monday, July 25, 2005

Reflections on the weekend and cricket

After a weekend of work, BBQ, Beer and rest, it is back to work today. England cricketers haven't half been conned by the Ausies! What a loss. We need to learn how to hold a bat and stay at the crease. I know for someone like me its easier said than done, but the longer someone stays, the tireder the bowlers get, the more chance we will have to score runs.

Sunday I spent uploading some pictures to Flickr. I also contacted a couple of people who use the site and who had been kind enough to comment on my pictures. I've come across someone, who calls herself "Swan of Kennet" who grew up to the age of 11 in Greasby - the internet is indeed a small world! Someone else called Moon Rhythm from Maryland, USA commented on the pictures, and in particular about the girls. I thought this was nice.

I also attempted to get something useful on the web site. Still looks and feels useless, but I'm determined to get it looking good.

After working Saturday, I have the day off tomorrow which will give time to do something! The girls have gone across to the Wirral for the week, so if the weather's good, I might get on the bike for a while, otherwise I might just go to sleep!

I still don't know how this blog will turn out. Maybe I just need to keep at it and it might turn into something. Presently, I'm not using it for anything too clever - more a diary and repository of thought.

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