Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Condoleezza Rice Defends Extraordinary Rendition

Following on from the previous post, Condoleezza Rice admitted yesterday that America does fly terror suspects abroad for interrogation. Al-Qaeda suspects are moved under a process known as 'rendition', which she claimed was 'a lawful weapon'. She said, 'Renditions take terrorists out of action, and save lives. Such renditions are permissible under international law.' She did add, '... That allies' intelligence agencies worked with America to extract information from detainees.

Some questions seem to be raised by this:
  • These are suspects! Innocent people. People who have not been charged with anything. Why is America so keen to get these people out of US legal duristriction?
  • If what America is doing is legal under international law, why can't they extract information in the US where it can all be overseen by a legally accountable committee?
  • Rice claims that the US seeks assurances that transferred people will not be tortured. What value are assurances from countries such as Egypt, Syria and Libya?
  • As I said in the last post, how does this make America different to the kidnapping, torture and execution of people by terrorist groups in Iraq, - I thought Bush and co were supposed to be setting an example.
  • What happens to those people who turn out not to be terrorists?
  • How credible is the information extracted from these people?

I know many people have said it before, but for me, this activity destroys any moral credibility the present US administration had left. In the 21st Century, this is not a civilised way to behave. It is now time that Europe pulled together on this issue and tell America that they have grossly overstepped the mark in civilised behaviour.


MissWorld said...

I have to be honest that I really hope that the UE pulls together and slaps America's wrist on this...or more. Americans have such a sense of entitlement and "above the law" simply because no one wants to really get in our bad graces by calling us on our (forgive me) shit.

WE CANNOT stomp around starting wars based on "humanitarian" and "democracy" issues if we are going to act worse than the terrorists behind the world's back.

I could not agree more - all credibility is lost. I'm so frustrated to be an American right now. So, so, so frustrated.

sandegaye said...

This administration is totally oblivious to all things'civilized'. But I do hope that the rest of the world sits up & takes notice!!

Mark said...

Unfortunately, I'm pessimisstic that Europe will eventually do the rught thing. Individual governments may bluster, but a strong, co-ordinated responce is not really likely, - mores the pity. Moreover, the UN has been so demoralised by the US that they are not likely to do anything either.