Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A True Beer for Politicians!

The House of Commons all-party beer club - yes, of course there is such a thing - has just held its Christmas reception at which it laid on a selection of fine ales for the delectation of MPs and guests. Nestling amongst the pumps of beers with all sorts of exotic names was one brew simply labelled "Jokers"!

Was this a brewery having a not-so-subtle pop at our elected representatives? Well, no, it was an error in translation. The splendid ale was actually the Scottish "Deuchars" brew and had been mis-labelled by a member of staff who had taken down the name over the phone.

Well, just try saying Deuchars in a Scottish accent and you will understand.

Click here for the brewery web-site

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None said...

OMG! Too funny! You mean it's not pronounced "doo-chars?" ha ha! I had a tough time understanding some of the folks in Ireland. I'm not sure if it was their accent, my accent or all the Irish whiskey I was drinking.