Friday, December 02, 2005

America Reaches A Milestone In Civilisation

December 1st 2005 was the day that America executed its 1000th convicted killer since 1976. This is a glorious record that I presume all Americans will celebrate with pride. In terms of national league tables of state murder, America now lies 5th behind China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam. What a shining example of the way to treat your own population. It surely teaches that killing is right, and that if it is OK for the State, then it must be OK for the individual.

Of course, the reason is deterrence, - clearly that must be working well in Texas, as they indulge in the killing more of their population than any other state. Mind you, the 1000th executee, Kenneth Lee Boyd, of North Carolina, doesn't seem to see it this way. His comment about the death penalty was that it doesn't deter, and that it is 'nothing but revenge'. What a shame he couldn't see that his death would progress civilisation. What a selfish wazzock. At least he gets out of a lifetime of penance for his crimes!

State Executions (since 1976)

Texas 355
Virginia 94
Oklahoma 79
Missouri 66
Florida 60
Georgia 39
N. Carolina 38
S. Carolina 34
Alabama 34
Louisiana 27
Arkansas 27
Arizona 22
Ohio 19
Indiana 16
Delaware 14
Illinois 12
Nevada 11
California 11
Mississippi 6
Utah 6
Maryland 4
Washington 4
Nebraska 3
Pennsylvania 3
Kentucky 2
Montana 2
Oregon 2
Colorado 1
Connecticut 1
Idaho 1
New Mexico 1
Tennessee 1
Wyoming 1
Federal Govt. 3


jane said...

2 things are odd about this:
1) In California we have over 600 on Death Row, we just don't like to kill them.

2) Those that are pro-death penalty are mostly Republicans. Which are also pro-war,pro-life (as long as the life isn't yet born, then they become pro-death), pro-rich, pro-corruption, pro-taking social programs from the poor, pro-taking money from the schools...yet they are also the ones who claim to serve Jesus.
But if you take the opposite of what I just said pro-peace, pro-choice (choice for unborns, pro-life for the living), pro-needy, pro-truth, pro-helping the young...yet this group is supposedly anti-God and anti-country.
Do you what I see? I believe it's called hypocrisy.

sandegaye said...

Shameful.. to be led by the god-awful Texans, once again.
Just sickening..