Friday, February 17, 2006

American Diplomacy

What is it with America and its approach to international diplomacy? It now seems that the super-power is feeling under threat from lowly Venezuela and its relationship with impoverished Cuba. From where I sit, it all seems pretty pathetic, and demonstrates an administration totally devoid of ideas on how to deal constructively with those it doesn't agree with. Part time Secretary of State and shoe expert, Condoleeza Rice has spoken out about this relationship, and that we in the international community should all gang together to "defend" the Venezuelian people.

What is Bush scared of now, or is there lots of oil in the area? Could it be that democracy has produced a result that Bush doesn't agree with, - as with Palastine? If you are for democracy, then you have to accept the results of that democratic vote, and work with it, - just as the world attempts to work with the USA.

I am now sick and tired with America's constant search for enemies, because it just makes the world a more dangerous place for the rest of us.


Lawrence said...

Mark, as an American I couldn't agree more. We seem to be turning into an imperial that is guiding the destiny of the rest of the world. It's our way or the highway. Suffice to say, many times we (America) are wrong. The international flubs are too many to list but Vietnam is the most recognizable.

With Venezuela, don't be fooled, it's all about oil and the money that's invested in it. If we stopped getting oil from the Middle East, the bulk comes from Venezuela (which it may now, i'm not positive on this). If we lost that supply, we would be scrambling. The fact that Venezuela has dealings with Castro and Cuba is just a convenient argument for putting pressure on Venezuela.

What I don't understand is while Castro is a dictator and there are many shortcomings on his part, why don't we go in there and invest like we do elsewhere? At one time it was a resort cash cow...there is money to be made and usually that's our M.O.

Hey...hope you're feeling better...

sandegaye said...

The Shrub will not be happy until his throne surrounds the earth.
He keeps creating these little storms of 'doubt & fear' to keep his minions circled round 'big daddy'.
Mark, do you have rooms to 'let'? ha

sandegaye said...

Well, blogger didn't like my 1st comment.. maybe Bush has the NSA on it's tail.

Anyway, his highness will not be happy until the whole world recognizes him as the Evil Emperor. These storms of doubt & fear will continue to keep his lowly minions suckling at his royal ring.

Mark, do you have a room for 'let'? ha

Jay said...

I do wish some of the more civilized nations of the world would get together and try to reign in Bush. Lord knows we are able to do it ourselves.

jane said...

You guessed it: OIL

That & the fact that Chavez has the balls to speak out against the Big Machine. From what I've read, Venezuela is a socialist country that also gives to EVERYBODY....even the poor. Imagine that!
If our country did that, why, maybe there wouldn't be people living out of grocery carts & under bridges, or elderly people having to eat catfood for dinner.
A lot of Americans don't like to hear the truth about America. We want to think everything here is perfect, when it's not.
I actually heard a commentary on the news the other night & according to a worldwide survey, only 1 country is hated more than America: IRAN! Now aint we in some special company?

Mark said...

Testing comments