Wednesday, February 08, 2006

And The Winner Is....

My Tea, originally uploaded by markhsal.

I am astounded! We actually have a winner!

The winner is Jay.

I had decided that I want to lose at least a stone (14lbs) by Easter, - more if possible, and I thought that the best way of doing this would be by cutting out meat, potatoes and - beer for Lent. I then thought that was not a long enough period of time, so it starts today!

All that you see in the above picture is now off the menu until Easter. Now it's rice (brown if possible), brown bread, wholewheat pasta, fish, - especially oily fish and anything else that will help in the reduction.

Also the exercise will be upped to help get rid of the ballast I'm already carrying. I'm sorry, girls, but there's some bike riding in the near future. It's going to be an interesting couple of months.

Jackie, how could you suggest that someone born west of the Pennines could go and live in Yorkshire, - I'm daring, - not mad. Yorkshire, a good place to visit, Lancashire, a great place to live. Barb, sorry affairs of the heart are there for life and mine has been given to Rugby. Sande, wash your mouth out for even contemplating I could do such a thing.

Jay, that pint (and perhaps a few more) still stands, - even if it takes you 20 years to get here. How does someone 5,000 miles plus away know me so well?


Jackie said...

Oh i gave up meat once fpor Lent.. never touched it since!!! I wasn't actually serious about living in Yorkshire.. nice place but not home is it!

Jay said...

Someday. One day. I would like to do just that.

Good luck on reducing. Does this mean we can get half-naked photos of you?

Simon said...

Hi Mark,
Hey thanks for stopping by my blog. I've enjoyed reading your thoughts on folk music. I really like the more purer, acoustic folk music you mentioned. I'm also a big Nick Drake fan. I'll have to listen to that radio show. Morris Dancing is so brilliant - I haven't heard of the Jockey Morris Men so will have to check them out. I dance with the Ironmen & Severn Gilders and its great fun. Have you caught the results of the BBC Folk Awards?
All the best, Simon

Barb said...

Well, there's still plenty of time for you to see the light. LOL

Good luck with your diet, and don't worry--I won't send any sci-fi looking cookies your way!

jane said...

Hi Mark,
I've moved my blog to a new domain, if I'm on
your blog list or blogroll, would you please update
it to: My other
blog is no longer active.

sandegaye said...

Good for you! I wish you much success.
You're a stronger person than I am..

p.s. Laura is bitterly disappointed..

None said...

Wow! All that food looks de-lish! Why don't you do it the Body For Life way which allows you one free day per week to have what you want? As long as you're good the other six days and do your cardio (bike rides) - there's nothing wrong with a free day. Anyway - good luck to you. I could stand to lose a stone or two myself! ha ha!

Mark said...

Many thanks for all your support. It's going to be an interesting 2 months. Lots of temptations. For instance, the bike rides traditionally end at a pub! Not now. The problem, I think for me, with a free day is that I am weak. and I know that one free day would either be a day of gluttony, or it would stretch to 2 day; 3 days.

I've thought about joining Simon and doing Morris dancing - but that generally happens at pubs too!

No, the only way I'm going to do this is by being almost a zealot about it, though I have promised myself 1 consession. If England win the Grand Slam (this is where England beat all the other nations in the Championship), then I will have a beer or two to celebrate, otherwise nothing till Easter!

By the way, that picture has had over 20 hits on Flickr - more for that picture than just about any other in my set!

Mark said...

P.S. Jay, - I'll show you mine when you show me yours, - you started it!

Simon, I've tried doing the Morris, but I tended to fall over my feet. More-over, a Morris event is called an "ale" - which is precisly what I'm trying to give up! I didn't catch the folk awards, but I plan to listen to it over the weekend onthe PC.

Jackie, I knew you were joking. Us Lancastrians have such a gallows humour!

Barb: That cookie you had on your site would probably be able to make its own way over here!

Amie said...

hmmm you're in some kind of diet huh. i am too! i used to not eat everything. now i eat everything! is that a diet? :p