Wednesday, February 15, 2006

"Man Flu"

Today, I am not very well. In fact I'm very poorly. In fact, from my assesment, my chances of recovery are about 50:50. I am suffering from a cold/flu which has kept me off work. My sinuses feel as if there is about 5 miles of cotton wool up each nostril, but at the same time, a tap has been turned on. My face feels as if it has been shot by a Vice-President. In between sneezing - which has now given me a sore throat, I try to take halfway decent breaths through my nose, to no avail.

Last night, I did manage to get some sleep, but fitfully. My brain has stopped working, to even attempt to talk is impossible. I'm in a bad way.

Do I get the sympathy I surely deserve from the caring females of the species. You must be joking. I have "Man Flu", a sarcastic derogatory term meaning that us men when we get a "slight sniffle" we milk it for all we can get. Women, on the other hand, get ill, take an aspirin and then get on with life. Well I would just like to point out that I have suffered in silence since the weekend with this condition, have gone to work, and pulled my weight about the place, but now that I am on the threshold of death, and I've decided to take a little time to recover, I'm accused of having "Man Flu". It's so unfair. Let's face it, I could be suffering double pneumonia, but it would still be diagnosed as "Man Flu".


sandegaye said...

It's the diet, I tell you! Man was not meant to live w/o ale & carbs!

Get well soon..

Jay said...

They say that the female of the species is the nurturing, caring gender. Lies! Always throwing up childbirth in our faces, like that is anywhere near as uncomfortable as a sinus headache.

But...we struggle and suffer on.

Mark said...

Your so right Jay. No onsideration at all. Christine's labour for our first child went on for over 12 hours, and I was on my feet the whole time! At least she was able to lie in a comfy bed, have all kinds of substances that you would probably be arrested for on the street to take away the pain, while I was standing, being sworn at and generally abused!

Generally, we do suffer in silence, and struggle on with life, but the moment we complain, well.....

Barb said...

I must have the Man Flu, as well. I hate being sick. I'm such a baby. :P

None said...

Until men are able to give birth, you will NEVER receive sympathy from the female of the species. Sorry. Just a fact of life. I'm telling it like it is.

Actually - there is one exception to that rule. If you (male of the species) pass a kidney stone, you are hereby initiated into the grand suffering club. A friend of mine who has had three kids w/out benefit of meds told me that passing her kidney stones was MORE painful.

So - Mark - have you ever passed a kidney stone? If not, quit complaining about your head cold. If you have - then I will be sending you a bouquet of flowers post haste!

(I hope you see my tongue firmly planted in my cheek on this one.)

And my validation word is CNRRY.

Makes me think of CRY.

bonnie said...

Sandegaye's right. It's beer withdrawal.

No, I'm kidding. Feel better. Hope your flu is at least marginally less miserable than what I've just gone through.

Jackie said...

Oh dear... was that sympathetic enough? Anyway hope you're soon better.. got a touch of the same here.. typical ....started a week's hol today too.. coughing and spluttering everywhere...not that 'I'm complaining!! :O)

Jackie said...

Oh dear.. was that sympathetic enough for you? :O) Seriously hope you soon feel better.
Got a bit of the same myself.. typical.. just started a week's hol and coughing and spluttering everywhere... not that i'm complaining!!! :O)

jane said...

lol I've never heard of man flu before, but it makes all the sense in the world. Tarzan & I are the opposite, I milk things for all I can get. Tarzan is mr. optomistic. I hope you feel better soon.

ps (that photo is gross)

Val Badger said...

I think I have got the same thing...dragged myself into work yesterday for an important meeting for no thanks at all!!
You have my (female) sympathy anyway!
Hope you are better now
Val :-)

Val Badger said...

I think I have got the same thing...dragged myself into work yesterday for an important meeting for no thanks at all!!
You have my (female) sympathy anyway!
Hope you are better now
Val :-)

Jackie said...

Been trying to comment on this but keeps spitting it back at me!!! Hope you're better. Out on the bike with the girls to blow the cobwebs away... totally sympathetic aren't i!! :O)