Tuesday, February 07, 2006

An Announcement of an Announcement

Tomorrow, I will be making a rather important announcement which many of you will find close to unbelievable. You will be required to totally review the way you think of me. This decision of mine is of earth-shattering significance. Am I about to declare that Blair's stampede towards big brother is right for the country? Have I seen the light, and no longer believe that Bush is the weak, untruthful, moronic criminal ape I have perceived him as for the past 5 years? Is James right and that guns are actually good for a civilised society?

I am prepared to buy a pint of the best wallop at my local pub for anyone who can guess what it is that I'm about to do or say. If you win, you will have to make your own way over here, but I do promise a pint of best.


Jackie said...

Guess 1
Going to live in Yorkshire? :O)

Jay said...

Give up ale?

Barb said...

American football is the best?

sandegaye said...

You're taking in the Bush twins as foreign exchange students!

OK.. you're bringing Laura Bush over for some much needed respite from the Village Idiot. She could use a tipple or 2..