Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Hall & Stairs - Preparation

This week we have embarked on a long over due renovation and decoration of the hall and stairs. The reason it is overdue is because neither of us have either the time or inclination for DIY (do-it-yourself), so this time we are going GSI (get-someone-in) which has become the new DIY.

So far the experience has not proved too stress full.

If you look carefully at the picture, you can see the ghosts of previous decorations on the walls. Quite weird really!

I'll post further pictures of the completed job in a later post. All comments, as long as they are favourable, are welcome!!


sandegaye said...

We'll do that job for you, if you guys will come here & renovate our basement..

Mark said...

But that would mean DIFO (do-it-for-others) almost as bad as DIY!

jane said...

I'm so taken with England & I have to wonder how old your home is. Not because I think it looks old, it doesn't. But because England is a much older country rich with history. Plus, I'm nosey.

Mark said...

The house was built in 1935. 3 bedroomed, solid construction with great uninterupted views of the West Pennine Moors.