Saturday, April 29, 2006


First off, fortunately, I couldn't find a picture that portrays my disgust at this habit, - which is probably a good thing.

I travel to work each day on public transport and most days there is some callow youth standing on the platform spitting every 30 seconds or so. Some of these boys (I have rarely seen girls doing this) seem to enjoy sniffing up and pulling up enough sputum to sink the Titanic. Rolling it around the mouth as if savoring a fine wine, before ejecting it, with some velocity, onto the ground. It is disgusting!

But why do they do it? I don't need to spit, so why do they? Do they not have any idea what their activity does to other people? Have they no respect for the majority, non-spitting traveling public? Don't they know that they can easily spread disease? It doesn't help when TV have close-ups of sportsmen gobbing all over the pitch!

The other night I got to the station, walked to my favourite spot on the platform, went to put my bag down and noticed what seemed like a pint of the stuff. No, I'm pretty hardy about such things, but this almost turned my stomach.

I have tried to talk to a couple of these yobs, only to be told "F*** Off, Grandad, what you're going to do about it?" If only I was allowed to do what I wanted to do, he would have great difficulty spitting anything!

I'm all for youthful rebellion and contempt for adults, but this is going too far.


jane said...

Oh my gosh, that's so gross. Have you ever seen people who plug 1 nostril & blow boogers out the other one & they just fly? I mean like they just blow em out onto the street without a second thought!
All I can say is I'm glad my food has digested.

Mark said...

So it's not just a UK phenomena then.

sandegaye said...

They need laws like in the state of Arizona, where it's a ticketable offense. The law came about in the days when tuberculosis was rampant.. & seemed a good one to hang onto. I agree..

Barb said...

Oh, it's definitely not just a UK thing. We call them "hocking up loogies" here.