Monday, April 03, 2006

Only The Government Was Surprised By This!

A draft report has been seen by the Observer newspaper that states that Britain's involvement in Iraq was a major contributory factor for the four London Bombers last July. This flies in the face of Blair's assertion that the decision to go to war would make Britain safer.

At the time, Blair and the Government played down the importance of the conflict as motivation for the bombers, - but they were probably the only people in the UK who believed that. Other factors included social and economic deprivation, but the premier reason by far, was our involvement in Iraq.

Even more worrying, Mohammad Sidique Khan, the ring-leader, who appeared on a video released after the bombings, confirmed the reason as Iraq. Khan had apparently been monitored by the security forces, but that monitoring was withdraw as Khan was seen as a "peripheral" player in terrorist organisations, and that they were considered 'nothing exceptional' about them prior to the attack.

Tony Blair pleads with us not to connect the bombings with Iraq, but how could any thinking person not make that connection!


sandegaye said...

Obviously he's advocating Bushit's mandate of 'Do NOT connect these dots!'
They think the simpletons cannot do the math.

jane said...

War doesn't make anybody safer. What a stupid concept.