Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Man And His Cat

This story really touched my heart:

A man came downstairs one morning and found his cat, lying very still on the kitchen floor.

Now he was very attached to the beast and didn't like to think the obvious, so he took it to the vet to see if there was anything could be done for it.

"Well," says the vet, "it looks a bit dead to me, but I can examine it professionally if you like. But it'll cost you fifty quid." So the man puts poor pussy on the table, the vet has a poke around its eyes and mouth and so on, turns round and says, "yes, I'm really sorry but your cat is definitely dead."

"But I'm really fond of my cat," says the man, "can I have a second opinion?"

"You can, but it'll cost you more," says the vet."Ok, Ok, anything." So the vet opens the door and whistles, and in strolls a big ginger tom-cat. It jumps up on the table, looks at the moggie, has a sniff, looks at the vet, shakes its head, jumps down and walks out. "There you are," says the vet. "The cat says it's dead. What more do you want?"

"But look, my cat's special, isn't there any hope at all?"

"I could get a third opinion for you, but it really will cost you."

"Ok, I don't care, my cat is worth it to me." So the vet opens the door and whistles again, and this time in walks a big black Labrador. It jumps up on the table, looks at the cat, has a sniff and a scratch, looks at the vet, shakes its head, jumps down and walks out. "I'm sorry," says the vet, "but there's no hope at all. I say your cat is dead, the tom says it's dead, and the Labrador says it's dead. That will be five hundred pounds please."

The man is pretty shocked by this. "You said it would be expensive, but I didn't expect that much. Why is it such a lot?"

"Well," says the vet. "Medical procedures are expensive. You could have just taken my word for it, but no, you had to go for the full CAT scan and lab tests..."


Jay said...


None said...

BADDDDD!!!! haha! BTW - what is a moggie?? We have a blend who calls herself Suzanne / Moggie and I just figured it was a play on her last name. Evidently - it's something cat-related.

Mark said...

Moggie is a word to mean 'dead cat' which would mean that a 'dead moggie' would be a tautology. Mind you, that word has been subject to evolotion and is now a general term for cat.

But I'm very much of the old school and I like moggies

sandegaye said...

That does it.. I'm mailing your girls a pair of kittens..

Mark said...

Can you send recipes as well!

jane said...

lol that's cute

James said...

When I first saw the picture I thought this was "Monday Cat Blogging!"

Barb said...

*groan* I think moggies are plain old, non-pedigreed cats, aren't they? Like the feline version of mutt?

We took one of our cats to the vet this past weekend, and it was pricey.