Monday, April 17, 2006

I'm Supporting The Boston Red Socks

Red Socks - Again, originally uploaded by markhsal.

I've been given to believe that there is a rounders team in America that many support called the Boston Red Socks (for some reason, some people spell it Sox - very strange!). As red is a favourite colour of mine and Jayne, we decided to become supporters too and get some red socks. As you can see, we also got the tea out so we could have a party - Earl Grey of course!

Rounders is a game loved by lots of girls and women over here, and I'm sure they would love to come across and play against the American rounders teams like the Red Socks.

I also hear that there is a team that plays in white socks! I wonder if other teams play in different coloured socks? How about green, brown, yellow, - perhaps pink, that would be nice. Mind you, it would be easier to spot if the kits were different colours, - socks must be very difficult to spot from a distance.


sandegaye said...

Now those are some red sox!
I'm waiting for the Argyle team to form..

FV Tom said...

Hey there!

Well, there aren't currently any other Major League Baseball teams that have Sox in their mascot name. However, there is a team that in it's history was once known as the Cincinnati Red Stockings. They are now known simply as the Reds.

How appropos that you should become a fan of the Boston team and then have a tea party, to boot! And you posted this on Boston's Patriot's Day.

I'm on my way to check out your beer page. I once spent two weeks on your side of the pond trying as many beers as I could. If you don't mind me saying, it was some good stuff. Our beers can't hold a candle to most of yours.


Mark said...

Let's face it Tom, if I'm to become a fan of rounders, then best to do it properly!

None said...

I love you guys! Thanks for posting this picture. I need to link it from my blog now.

FV Tom said...

Well said and well done.

And it's always a great idea to get one's children started at an early age when becoming a fan of the Red Sox. Just ask Jen. I bet her father was reading the sports page to her while she was still in the womb! My point is, your daughter is a bit behind, mate! Catch her up quick!

be good!

jane said...

Rounders? I'm assuming they have that name from 'rounding' the bases? Which means, of course, I'm assuming thats what you call baseball teams. Red Sox & White Sox are good teams, lately. The Red Sox were said to have been cursed by the late Babe Ruth, I forget why. But when they won the World Series, I think the curse was broken.
Both of your socks are cool!

Barb said...

Yeah, what the heck is rounders? The Red Sox play baseball not rounders. :P

I still can't get over how much Jayne looks like you!