Sunday, April 23, 2006

Holiday Over

Tomorrow, it's back to work. Oh joy!

My small week of freedom and liberty has come to an end. No more the pleasure of getting up and making my own decisions about the day. No more the delight of looking at the weather and deciding that a day of day-time TV is just what the doctor ordered.

No! It's back to routine. Catching the train, walking to the office, the same problems day in day out, the lack of choice in how I choose to conduct my life.

It's not a bad job as jobs go, and I suppose I should feel privileged to have one, but I just feel that I'm missing opportunities in those parts of my life that matter.

I'm fed-up!


sandegaye said...

Maybe you should take up full time writing, & get to spend more time at home.
Or become like the blogger 'Dooce', who supports herself w/ ads on her blog.

None said...

How much vacation time do you get each year? What do you do for a living? Sorry for so many questions - I'm curious!

Bag said...

Jeez, you certainly look like you had a rough time on holiday. Maybe you should be at work more often. :)

Mark said...

Vacation time: not enough, about 25 days a year plus Bank Holidays. I am a Customer Services supervisor for a mail order firm, and so I can feed my dictatorship tendencies. Busy, hectic and really, I quite enjoy it and it does provide the beer money, - but I do prefer being on holiday, doing my own thing.

Jackie said...

i always feel it's fine once I get back there.. it's the thought of going back that's worst.. so i don't think about it until I'm back!

Barb said...

Maybe you ought to be a stay-at-home dad!