Friday, May 12, 2006

Big Brother? This Getting Out Of Control!

A regular read of mine is Moxiegrrrl who posted this particular post which should shock all and every honest American. A further report can be found at USA Today which, apparently, broke the story wide open.

I'll not repeat the details here, but ask that you read the links above, but in a nutshell, the NSA has been secretly compiling what is probably the biggest database in the history of computing storing phone activities of American people. All done with the connivance of the major phone companies after the White House cried 'terrorist'.

Is it just me, or has all semblance of reason now been abandoned in the pursuit of control and invasion of privacy? This is government intrusion well beyond what is acceptable. It is the sort of action one would expect in totalitarian regimes, not in a democratic, freedom loving country.

The nagging worry for me is that if it is happening over there, is it happening here and we just don't know about it yet.


Jay said...

I fear we are like the frog in a boiling pot...and few are noticing just how much of our freedoms are being stripped away. If this had happened ten years ago, we would have had a revolution. I've always thought that the country would wake up when Bush decides not to leave office (for the good of the country of course) and tanks are on our streets. Now....I honestly think a lot of us will see it when that time comes as perfectly reasonable.

Bag said...

This would have caused a revolution because there was no excuse available at the time. The excuse is here now and they are using it to justify everything. While there is still a large number of the UK population that actually believe the lies told then it will be OK. The issue will come to a head when it enters the thick head of the common man that this isn't right. Unfortunatly, we seem to be thicker than your average lemming. When it blows there will be riots and a bloodbath. Fingers crossed the politicians get it. Time to stock up on ammo. Oh wait a minute. I haven't got a gun. Bugger.

jane said...

It's seriously fascism at it's best.