Friday, May 05, 2006

We Can Save The World

Recent newspaper and magazine stories have reported encouraging news in the battle to save the ozone layer, and in particular, closing the Ozone Hole. Technology News, The New Scientist, Reuters and others have all recently stated that at present rates of progress, the Ozone Hole should be closed by 2050.

The 1987 Montreal Protocol banned the use of CFC's (chlorofluorocarbons) as aerosol propellants and in refridgerators. 180 countries ratified the protocol, - including Republican led America and Thatcher led Britain, and this leads me to a hope that man-made damage can be repaired given brave, collective will and leadership from those countries that should provide an example.

It is strange to think that those times could almost be considered enlightened times, compared to the negative, head-in-the-sand, self-serving attitudes of those in present day leadership positions. Many of those reports go on to say that the upper, protective atmospheric layer is still under attack, primarily from nitrous and carbon compounds, which we are doing next to nothing to stop.

The tenuous and fragile progress in the repair of the ozone layer should be proof that when mankind stands together, we can make a real difference. All it takes is some backbone from those in positions to take a lead.

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Now you know this kind of talk upsets our dick-tator.
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