Monday, May 22, 2006

Europe, - Centre Of Culture

On Saturday night, my family and I settled down to watch that pinnacle of culture, - the Eurovision Song Contest. In brief, it is a contest where European countries each enter a song (and singer(s), group etc) with the aim of selecting through a democratic process, the best song.

A number of problems with this is the political nature of the voting, - Greece won't vote for Turkey or vice versa, the Balkan countries all vote for each other, but not for Serbia, the Balkan states also all vote for each other, and also for Russia so they aren't offended. Ironically, the only country to give us maximum points, considering our history, was Ireland!

But this year, there was only ever going to be one winner, a Finnish 5-member combo who sang an up-lifting little number called "Hard-Rock Hallelujah". What made me want them to do well was that a Finnish right-wing politician thought they should be withdrawn. Anything that upsets a right-winger is alright by me!

But what really appealed were the conservative, but imaginative costumes of the members of the band. Not something you would see in Gap! I thought they looked lovely and would make very good ambassadors of European culture.

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