Monday, May 08, 2006

They're All Guilty, So Stop Whining

The great defender and upholder of civil rights, President Bush, made an extraordinary statement on German TV over the weekend. Talking about Guantanamo Bay's Camp X-Ray, he said, "Of course Guantanamo Bay is a delicate issue for people. I would love to close the camp and put the prisoners on trial".

He went on to say, "Out top court must still rule on whether they should go before a civil or military court". This top court I believe, is the Supreme Court which Bush has gerrymandered so that it is likely to do what he wants. He goes on, "They will get their day in court". However, it is now that he reveals something extraordinary. He concludes, "One can't say that of the people that they killed. They didn't give these people the opportunity for a fair trial".

This is an amazing statement and raises some issues. First off, Bush and his gang have always maintained that they were not soldiers and so not subject to the Geneva Convention, so if the Supreme Court decide they should be tried by a military court, what does that say about their designation. Of course, if the trial is in a civil court, then a lot more information will come out to the general public which I'm sure Bush does not want to come out.

Secondly, that statement must surely be seen as prejudicial to any future trial when the president of the United States says they are killers. My point is that all these people are innocent, - they haven't even been charged. Surely if the authorities were sure of a person's guilt, as Bush seems to be, then get them charged, get them in front of a judge and jury and let's hear the evidence, and then, maybe, I'll be able to get off Bush's back.

One other thing Bush divulged in his interview, was that the highlight of his Presidency was catching a 7.5lb perch in his lake! Well, bully for him.


sandegaye said...

This blithering idiot is a blight on the nation & the world. Now he's lining his ducks up w/ complete military controll. Iran is in the crosshairs.
And he even managed to get your Jack Snow canned.
For a person w/ less than 1/3 approval rating.. why are we still kow-towing to his royal assiness??

Jay said...

Well...first of all, they must be charged with something before they can go before any trial at all. Bush has maintaned that he may imprison people for indefinate length, and torture them if he wishes, without making any criminal charges whatsoever. This is common for dictators.

jane said...

His aproval rating is almost in the 20s. If the Democrats gain either the House or the Senate in November, they will (hopefully) start investigations into like 10 things he could be impeached for.
On the news today: NSA is looking at telephone records of 10s of MILLIONS of Americans!! Terrorists? I THINK NOT!