Monday, May 15, 2006

When Are We Going To Stop Letting The Terrorists Win?

Each and every day brings yet another government attack on our hard fought and won civil liberties. Tony Blair is furious that the courts can go against government decisions based solely on the rule of law! The government want some Afghan hijackers to be returned to almost certain death in Afghanistan, which the courts disagreed with. The totalitarian Britain of Tony Blair's dreams is on hold for a little longer.

But a much more cogently argued attack on Tony Blair's position on civil liberties and rights was argued in the Observer this weekend. I would recommend every one to have a read of it as it talks a lot of sense. Tony Blair (along with Bush in America) has set himself up as the protector of British "way of life", but seems ignorant of the fact that our "way of life" includes honesty, probity, fairness and the rule of law.

Every time we chip away our fabric of civil rights and liberties, the terrorist wins, and it is this intolerant and dictatorial government that glorifies terrorism.

This weekend, I got a copy of Neil Young's Living with War. Well worth listening to.


jane said...

Good point. With all of Blair's faults, he seems to pale in comparison, when Bush's evils are looked at. Once our civil liberties are gone, they're really never given back. I feel like we're just a zombie nation.

FreeThinker said...

Hey, nice review. I dig Neil Young, and I dig Living With War. I just wrote a review on my blog.



sandegaye said...

Can't wait to get that cd myself!