Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Iraq - An Exercise In Self-Delusion

Monday saw a surprise and secret visit to Bagdad by Tony Blair offering his support to the newly elected and installed Iraqi government. He flew in by helicopter direct into the Green Zone - that extremely heavily guarded enclave in Bagdad to deliver an up-beat message. It does seem strange that the worse things get in Iraq, the more positive Blair and Bush's pronouncements are on the subject!

What I found interesting was what he had to say: "We have a government of national unity that crosses all boundaries. Iraqi people are able to write the next chapter of their history themselves". The irony here is that as he was speaking those words, two car bombs exploded killing nine people along with the reported deaths of 23 others in various attacks bringing the death toll, so far in May, to 848. This is on top of the kidnappings and sectarian torture that is the daily fate for many who now exist in this American/UK generated mess.

There just seems to be so much ad odds with reality in what Blair was saying. First off, the fact that Iraqis do not have the ability to determine there own future is so obvious. The first Prime Minister, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, was basically forced out by the US who thought he wasn't suitable for their purposes. Secondly, yes there is a cross-sectarian government, but the government seems so divided that each ministry is basically run and staffed by the party that runs it. Funds are being milked and corruption is rife, but no-one can be sacked because that would upset the delicate balance that presently holds. Moreover, there is a Ministry of Tourism, but no Ministry of the Interior or Defence!

I am so angry about the mess these two idiots have made in the world. It is going to take generations to put right, and in the mean time everyone suffers either through cost (us) or death (the Iraqis).


sandegaye said...

And don't you just love the latest quote from the numb-nuts Gen Tommy Franks, 'If there is another terrorist attack, we will discard the constitution and go to a military state.'
Well now, isn't that just fine & dandy.. since Bushit has already planned for that, in loading up his cabinet w/ military chaps. Hayden is just the latest of the 'yes' men to come onboard.
Get me to an island! Far away this madness..

Mark said...

Well don't come to this island, - it's just as bad. Even worse, the island you choose will probably lie over trillions of barrels of oil, and Bush will find a reason to invade!