Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Bush and Blair's recovery starts here

Saddam Hussein's pre-decided 'trial' began to day. Any chance that he will be found innocent or not receive the death penalty are just about zero. The coalition, and the US in particular will have ensured that arrangements will be in place to have him killed. This is a show trial in every sense of the word, and it is being choreographed from the White House. I've no doubt that he should be facing charges and trial, but not while there is a powerful occupying force, able and willing to exert its will. There is no way that Bush can suffer that man to live (even though that would be the Christian and morally superior thing to do), his popularity standings require that Hussein must die, and die very soon. As usual, he will be supported by his tame poodle, Tony Blair.

It just seems to me that any opportunity to stir thing up a bit more is the hub of Bush and Blair's Foreign Policy. Do they not see that by leading by example will convert more hearts than promoting vengeance. Saddam Hussein sickens me, I've got no doubt about that, but the antics of mine and America's Government depress and concern me even more. They clearly want to climb down into the same gutter the terrorists presently occupy. Well, not in my name!

One other thing I saw was that Jack Straw, Foreign Secretary, has said that the British will stay until Iraq has a stable democracy. He also said, in another speech, that Iraq could take 10 years to get a stable democracy. Well, there's a joined up policy! I suppose that'll be when Iraq's oil will start to run out, in which case democracy in Iraq will be irrelevent!

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sandegaye said...

Everytime I heard the newsmen repeat the term 'For crimes against humanity..' I pictured Bush, Cheney, Rove & Blair standing before the courts.