Thursday, October 13, 2005

David Tolcher

Yesterday a friend phoned to say that David had suffered a major heart-attack and is in Arrowe Park Hospital in intensive care. Apparantly, the prognosis is 50-50.

David is a husband to Angela, a father to Becky and Heather, a life-long Tranmere Rovers fan, an amateur thespian, a legal-adviser to a teacher's union, my Best Man at my wedding and my best friend of 35 years.

I'm feeling crushed, all the more so as I can't get to see him until Sunday. While trying to maintain a normal persona at work, I am scared, angry and totally frustrated with my feeling of helplessness. My thoughts are with everyone, and I pray they will be OK.


jane said...

I'm really sorry that your friend is sick. Not being able to see him is kinda like having to hold your breath for a few days.
I hope he gets better & soon. I'll be keeping you & he in my thoughts.

Mark said...

Thanks Jane.

sandegaye said...

Sending healing thoughts & prayers to your friend..

None2 said...

I'm so sorry to hear this news. I sure hope David is going to fully recover. Stay strong and know that you are in my thoughts & prayers.

Jay said...

Sorry for your friend. I hope he recovers and that your visit with him Sunday helps you recover as well.

Mark said...

Today is visit day. Be sure to give us an update later. Positive energy flowing your way from here.