Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Iraq's Constitution

Clearly the interim government in Iraq is learning from its American masters. Because of the possible rejection of the draft constitution by the Sunni Arabs, the Iraq Government have changed the rules. This despite strong criticism from the UN. This report from the BBC.

If you don't like the result, then change the rules so you get the result you do like!


Jay said...

Well...we changed the reasons for invading that country so many times, they probably think that's the way things are done in a democracy.

JC said...

Well, I feel as though I can take a moment here and visit the politics of another country. I enjoyed your last post....funny folks there would want to mimic the neo con folks here. You would think that sitting from afar they would see the problems with that and laugh at it instead. I guess it takes all kinds.

digibrill said...

Hey Mark. They'll work it out with their own religion in mind. Democracy is almost antithetical to Islam so any sort of it is a miracle.