Sunday, October 23, 2005

Dave Latest

Saw Dave again yesterday, and he was looking really good. It now turns out that he hasn't had a heart attack, which is probably why he wasn't responding to treatment when he first came in. He suffering from an, as yet, unknown virus that attacked the nervous system and knocked him all to pieces, but he is now on the way to recovery. He's just about gained control of his hands, though he is still unable to walk. His feet are very tender and can't, at the moment, support his weight, but it's only going to be a matter of time.

I did have a go at him for causing so much distress and disruption to my routine, and could he be a bit more sensitive to others next time, but I'll still send him a Christmas card this year!

It was good to see him and talk to him and discuss plans for the future, - something I was a little wary of last week in even thinking of doing. One plan we have briefly discussed is next summer doing Wainwright's Coast to Coast walk. We haven't done anything like that together for a long time, and this fright has told me that we shouldn't put it off.

Next week, me and the girls are off to London to see the sights and stay with my sister. I'm really looking forward to it, and the girls are very excited. Unfortunately, Christine is working and can't come with us, but I think she'll enjoy the piece and quiet. Probably won't blog much now before next weekend, but as Arnie says; - I'll be back!


sandegaye said...

What a fun time you & the girls will have.. Enjoy Chelsea.. my favorite area. ;o)
Christine.. enjoy the 'quiet'..

jane said...

What a wonderful early Christmas gift. I'm so happy to hear Dave didn't have a heart attack. Your friend has a new lease on life. How wonderful!

Have fun in London. :)

Eddie said...

Hi Mark,
Great news about Dave, well not playing home to the virus, but you know what I mean.
Strange thing about the Blog in space idea 'cos I do the opposite! I've been helping Berkeley University with the number crunching on the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, (SETI), program for a couple of years, along with millions of others of course. You never know, I might identify the reply to your blog!
Have a good trip to London,

None2 said...

So glad to hear that Dave is doing better. Definitely plan that Coast to Coast hike - don't put it off. As you know, I have been learning very quickly that this is not a dress rehearsal.

Hope you have a wonderful vacation in London with your beautiful girls. Hope you take some pictures for us!