Saturday, October 29, 2005

We're Back!

The girls and I got back from London yesterday evening. We are all pretty exhausted, and well we might be, considering the amount we have done. Many thanks to those who wished us well, we had a great time.

We traveled down on Tuesday, leaving Wigan in torrential rain, and arriving in a London bathed in lovely autumn sunshine. Got the bus to Stoke Newington where my sister lives, and where we were staying. Gerry, the person Carole shares the house with, was at home to greet us and was preparing a meal for use, - chicken curry with saffron rice. However, have arrived mid-afternoon, we just dumped the bags, and went up to Clissold Park at the top of the road. This is a fabulous city centre park, well maintained and a wonderful place for children.

After tea, we watched TV, and waited for Carole to get back home. Carole works in the film business and so she has to take the work when it is offered. Originally, she was going to be off this week, but a 3-day shoot for an advert came up which she really couldn't refuse. However, she wasn't working on Friday, and as the train back to Wigan wasn't until 4:45, the girls were able to spend the best part of the day with her.

Wednesday, we did the Eye, which was brilliant, after which we went on a river cruise up to Tower Bridge and back. We then walked to Trafalgar Square and then on up into the West End, eventually ending up on Oxford Street. Fortunately, there is a bus direct to Carole's from there as Jayne was pretty tired by then. The following day, we had a lazy morning, during which, Carole's son, Ryan, came round. Ryan plays bass in a Jazz/Funk band called Alta & The Funkadome. They've just release an album, which, even though I say so myself, is pretty good and Ryan is a superb bass player. Well worth a listen. He also teaches music, and patiently sat and listened to Jayne practice her flute. After lunch, we went off to the Science and Natural History Museums which were, surprisingly, a great success, - especially the Science Museum. They could very easily have spent a further hour in each without complaint.

After the museums, we headed back to Covent Garden to have a meal and prepare to go to Carole's treat, - the stage production of The Lion King. This was the icing on the cake. An absolutely fabulous show and well worth seeing. Jayne was entranced, and Bethen got well into it, - sing along and cheering and booing. It's fair to say, they enjoyed themselves.

All in all, it was a great trip and pictures will be posted onto Flickr once I've got them developed. I'm now looking for a quiet weekend before back to work next week.

Finally, Dave is out of hospital and doing really well. No plans to see him this weekend, but we'll have a good chat on the phone. Will see him next week when we go across to see Dad and celebrate his 86th birthday.


None2 said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your girls in London. Glad to hear that Dave is out of the hospital. Cheers!

jane said...

What a wonderful time you had with your girls. It's so nice there's stuff both you & they can enjoy together.
Can't wait to hear what it's like seeing your friend, up and well, after such a scare. I hope you both have a fanastic visit.
Welcome home!

sandegaye said...

What a facinating trip! I was in London for just a 2 day trip, so didn't get to see all those wonderful attractions.. thanks so much for sharing..