Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sacked for being too friendly!

Just come across a lovely story about a police dog called Buster who has been sacked from South Yorkshire police after being too friendly and laidback towards criminal suspects. The German shepherd fell asleep on a manhunt, let drunken yobs stroke him, and cocked his leg during the arrest of a burglar found by his handler after Buster had failed to spot his hiding place.

I hope the police force went through proper channels, and exhausted the disciplinary procedures before taking such drastic action, otherwise they could be faced with an unfair dismissal charge.

The force did described Buster as lovely and loyal, but not cut out for police work. His new owners, Norton and Jane Arnould, of Sheffield, said his training had made him the perfect pet. He never barks. Mind you, he does sound like my sort of dog.

Dave update: at the time of writing, Dave continues to make progress and has now been moved from Intensive Care to an ordinary high support ward. He's yet to come round, and his blood pressure is all over the place, but hope springs eternal, and that he is still on the path to recovery.


sandegaye said...

The fact that he's out of Intensive Care, speaks volumes..
Continued healing thoughts for him..

Hope Buster got a good retirement compensation. Lifetime supply of Milkbones or something.

Mark said...

When he fully recovers just remember this time and keep the friendship fresh because you have been shown that friends, like time, can be fleeting.