Friday, November 18, 2005

Am I Being Punished or Something.... ?

Having just survived an horrendous week with an abscess, I've now developed a zit on my nostril, just where I blow my nose. Clearly I have started my journey back to second childhood, and I've just reached second puberty!

I ask you, a zit at my age! I'm spending the weekend in bed.


jane said...

Omgosh you probably won't believe this, but I've got a zit in my left nostril! It's one of those annoying ones that hurts when you touch your nose.
I've been meaning to stop by your blog & thank you & your family for their prayers. I'm so touched that you care so much you mentioned my aunt to them.
I plan on catching up & reading blogs this weekend, so I'll be reading back on your posts that I've missed.

sandegaye said...

Karma from a past life? ;o)
Get well soon, you ravaged teen you.

None said...

I'm laughing with you - not at you. I've had nothing but zits breaking out all over the place this past couple of weeks, so I "feel your pain!" Hope you're feeling better soon.