Thursday, November 17, 2005

Something So Small!

Today is the first day I've felt human enough to contemplate doing a blog. Nothing political, as I've not got the attention span, - I assume the same old morons are doing the same deceitful moronic things, - I'll get back to it over the weekend!

Anyway, I'm still off work, though I'm going in tomorrow. Monday I saw the dentist who prescribed anti-biotics to treat the abscess, which seems to have worked, but the left side of my face swelled up like something in a horror movie. It was very tender and hurt like hell, and of course, being a man, I suffered very much in silence. Even though the swelling has much reduced, it is still not right, but nevertheless, I'll struggle in to work and just ignore the excruciating pain! Christine is off work today, so it's no day-time TV and she keeps finding things to do! She has no idea!

At the dentist, I had a look at my old friend on the X-ray. It's amazing how small the offending abscess is in comparison to the amount of pain it can produce. If we could bottle the pain and convert it to energy, then we would be energy rich for life!

Anyway, normal service will be resumed, and I promise to visit all my friends in blogland soon and catch up. Many thanks for the kind comments on the previous post. I may be using the computer, but it belongs to Mastercard at the moment! For Cell13 and anyone else who is interested, it is a bundled package we got from our local superstore. It has a 1Gb memory; 180GB harddrive and an AMD chip which is reputed to be faster than the comparable Intel chip. It has a 17" Flat screen and comes with a colour printer. We're very pleased with it.


sandegaye said...

I think flat screen monitors are the sexiest things & can't wait to get one!
I guess that's when you know you've hit middle age, when technology becomes 'sexy'.

Glad you're surviving the dental problem & 'suffering in silence'(??) I've never known a man to do that. ;o)

Eddie said...

Welcome back Mark,
As a life-long odontophobic, the story of your abcess filled me with horror. I hope your abcess gets better very quickly.
Sandegaye equates getting middle aged with finding technology sexy, that means I've been middle-aged for a long,long time!

scorpio said...

Hi Mark. I've joined this 'walking companion' related website and wondered if you know of any other website which might help me to find a walking companion in my local area? Many thanks